FAQ and Information About Your Plunge
The following are suggestions as to how you can help increase awareness of the Paupack Plunge, how to get sponsors and what to do on the day of the plunge.
You may wish to wear your plunging clothes under your regular clothes.  That way, you won't have to change into your plunging clothes just to change right back out.
We suggest choosing loose, warm and easy to put on clothing for after your plunge, without a lot of snaps, buttons or zippers.  Slip on shoes are also a great choice.
Car pooling is highly recommended.  Parking will be limited.
If you are an experienced plunger, please try to help out the rookies.
Sponsor a Plunger
As a plunger, you are permitted to collect sponsors.  Sponsors are individuals or companies who sponsor your plunge by donating money on your behalf.  Plungers with the largest sponsor donations will win prizes!
To Do...on the Day of the Plunge
Not To Do...on the Day of the Plunge
Do not dive in!  This is a safety regulation that will be enforced.
There is no pressure to fully submerge yourself.
Do not run into the water.  You could slip, fall or otherwise injure yourself on the objects on the floor of the lake.
If this is your first plunge, you may not wish to be the first of your group going into the water.  It is easier to get out quickly if you are near the back of your group going in.
Items to Bring with You on the Day of the Plunge
A plastic bag containing dry clothes, shoes, socks and underwear to change into after your plunge.  You can then use that same plastic bag to carry your wet clothes home.
Two towels.  One to use to dry off and one to stand upon.
A partner to hold your items while you plunge.  Remember, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
A camera or cell phone to capture pictures of your big moment.